2022BCE – 2022CE

Artist – Daniel Barbera

Reimagining ancient advanced technology as future relics

Ancient man-made materials were developed over many millennia, and at the time were technologically advanced beyond human appreciation and scientific understanding.
Today as we look back to the past we find these objects unearthed, frozen moments in time.  Materials like stone, ceramic, and bronze persist in perpetuity, and are valued for their permanence.
Ceramic was a vital factor in material technology responsible for propelling us towards modern civilisation.
Without the development of ceramics our human society would not be what it is today.
This body of work was inspired by the history and use of ceramics, in particular their relationship to bronze smelting.
I am exploring the relationship between humans of the past and the present, by merging two ancient production techniques, fusing bronze and ceramic to create timeless contemporary objects to appreciate what has come before and what will be the future.